Baton Rouge Family History Conference

Classes - Advanced​

Acadian Ancestor Research


Looking for Boudreaux and Thibodeaux?  From France to Nova Scotia to Louisiana, gain insights on finding your Cajun ancestors by registering for this class.

Family History is for All Ages


For teens and young adults.  Share your family's legacy and create gifts of glad genealogy tidings with these"do it yourself" projects.  The young at heart will also enjoy this class!

Advanced Search Engine Techniques Sessions 2 & 4


How much info to add in the search engine and where you tell it to search makes all the difference.  The search engine found your ancestors, but you don't recognize them.  Learn about how to search and understand your search results.

African American Research

Learning how to get started in finding your African American heritage.  Records are available in the census and beyond.

Are You Sure They're Your Ancestors?

A common genealogy blunder that's made over and over.  How to proof your work.​

Finding Birth & Old Louisiana Records


They are very hard to find!  Dig deeper.  They are there.  This class shows you how you can find old Louisiana records.

Dealing With Duplicate Records


Why are there duplicate records in my tree?  What do I do with these duplicates?  Delete them?  Merge them?  Or what?  This can be tricky.  This class will show you how to resolve the issue.

Genetic Networks


It’s in your DNA. This class will discuss what to expect from the leading DNA companies regarding ethnicity estimates and identifying new relatives. ​​Working with shared match tools.

Family History Consultant Lab - Sessions 1 - 4


Have a Question?  Need help?  Having problems understanding how to do something?  Let trained consultants give you one on one help with your research.

Family Search - Cracking the Census Code

Getting the most out of the census records.

Family Search WIKI 


This is one of the most powerful research programs in all of the genealogy research sites.  There is much to say about it!  Check out this WIKI research link and register early for this class.

Family Search - Your Forever Family Tree - Session 4


Tips to preserve your tree forever!

Finding Non-Indexed Historical Records


Register for this class for tips on locating records not yet indexed.

Maiden Names of Women 


Mary who?  Learn ways to research those elusive maiden names by registering for this class.

Myths That Sabotage Your Tree


Find out if your research is accurate or not.  Register for this class to learn how to proof your research.

Organizing Your Research - Sessions 1 & 4 (B, I, A)

Do I need hard copies of all of my work?  Do I keep it on the online sites only?  What about the Cloud?  Is that a good place to keep it?  Find out what works best for you in this class.

Social Media-Love It, Hate It, or Both (B, I, A)


Love It, hate it, or both?  It's the fastest growing part of genealogy.

B = Beginner                         I = Intermediate                         A = Advanced